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Founded in 1978, Jetha Tulsidas is a leading and most respected retailer in Indian wear in Mauritius with over three decades of proven expertise. With a wide range of both modern and traditional garments,our exclusive collection will not just meet but go as far as exceed your expectations, while maintaining the best quality on the market at reasonable prices.

Our loyal customer base testifies for our tradition of love, respect and utmost consideration that we uphold for each and every client. We are always deeply appreciative of your own unique perceptions of beauty and elegance, and we strive to deliver the best for your distinctive requirements, all the while making sure you have all the help and information you need.

With eight magnificent stores across the island in prime strategic locations, for your greater ease of access, the company evolved over the years into a well-structured group, importing goods from India, China and UK, and exporting to several African countries.

Today,we are far more than just a retailer; Jetha Tulsidas is a full-fledged brand that embodies our rich heritage, passion and expertise in Indian wear.

We have succeeded in bringing the Tulsidas name on a high pedestal. The goodwill that the name carries in the country is the reward of my life. We enjoy a very cordial relationship with all our clients. The love, respect and consideration that we get from our loyal customer base are more than an honour.

– Mr Jetha Tulsidas, Founder of Jetha Tulsidas & Sons Ltd


17, S.S.R. Street, Port Louis,

+230 208 0175 / +230 208 1627